Quad Bike King comes to Eastern Creek!

Exciting rides at Sydney Dragway

Different from our beach adventures, Quad Bike King Sydney is on dirt at the Sydney Dragway, famous for “Where Excitement Lives”. It’s fum, it’s responsive and it’s very exciting!

Hold on to the handles, because it’s an adrenalin rush.

Great fun for kids and the family. We even have a wooded area where you can bring along a picnic and celebrate birthday parties. There is no need to pay us to host your own picnic, so you can save money on the usual sandwich offerings at most birthday-friendly venues and just pay for the rides!

What to bring

  • Long Pants (you can choose to wear shorts at your own discretion)
  • Enclosed Shoes (this is essential)
  • Sunglasses (Prescription glasses can be worn)
  • Jacket (light weight jacket if windy or overcast)
  • Sunscreen & Hat – Slip, Slop, Slap!
  • Bottled Water (this can be left at our reception)
  • Remember casual comfortable clothes are the best for riding

Group sizes

  • We currently have 10 Yamaha Raptors in Sydney, so that’s pretty much our limit on group size.

We provide

  • Helmets (Quad Bike King will ensure correct fitting)
  • Sunglasses if you don’t have them
  • All of our staff are proficient in first aid & have the necessary first aid kits

What care to take

Quad bike riding can be dangerous so you should not:

  • Race or ride at speeds considered dangerous to myself or others (including shortcuts)
  • Vary, deter or change course from the lead tour guide riding line and trail given and demonstrated by the tour guide
  • Ride if you suffer back, neck, or heart conditions and/or have any other pre-existing conditions or injuries
  • Consume alcohol or drugs before driving

Minimum age of rider

Children can ride from age 12 years but they must be 130cm tall or more.

Doubling is not permitted on quad bikes.

Our bikes are not over powering therefore the whole family can share in the experience.

Book the Track

– Training + 15 mins driving
Times: 10am – 5pm
– Weekends only

– Adults $30pp
– Children $30pp

Spectator Entrance, not the Competitor Entrance
Sydney Dragway