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Q: Why choose Quad Bike King?


Our Tours are never the same twice. We do not follow the same tracks all day and we tailor our tours to suit each individual group. We know the same tour does not suit everybody! Our quads are quick enough to do what you need and are not overpowering or daunting, they are fun and easy to operate for the whole family to enjoy. We believe in safety and we obey the maximum speed limit rule of 40km/hr on Stockton Bight. Being family owned and operated for over 13 years, we must be doing something right. We believe in treating everyone as an individual, and giving value for money. We also believe in building local clientele. Bring your mates, your family from interstate or internationally. Show them this amazing part of the world!

  • We have the best guides!
  • We have fun quads
  • We are family owned and operated

Q: What are your booking conditions?


  • Quad Bike King require credit card details at time of booking. This will secure your booking. We will charge the credit card, the total amount of your booking.
  • Payment can be received by direct deposit also. This form of payment must be received prior to booking.
  • Unlike all major event & tourism experiences, we do allow modification or cancellation of your scheduled ride with 48 hours' notice.
  • Quad Bike King reserves the right to change or alter the adventure for safety reasons or in extreme weather conditions. We also reserve the right to stop any of our passengers from continuing a quad bike session, if our safety instructions are not followed by the passenger, or if the passengers behaves in an unacceptable manner.
  • Customers will be refused a Quad Bike Adventure if they appear affected by Alcohol or Drugs of any kind. 100% cancellation fee applies in this situation.
  • Quad Bike King is an all weather activity. No cancellations will be accepted due to wet or windy weather. Don’t worry, we do provide full water proofs and helmets.
  • Quad Bike King asks that all our customers arrive minimum 30 minutes prior to departure. No refund will be provided for late arrivals. If you are running late please be advised we cannot hold the ride for your late arrival, other customers may have activities after! We will endeavour to place you on a later ride for that day if bookings allow. PLEASE HAVE ALL AFFAIRS IN ORDER AND ARRIVE ON TIME!
  • You will be required to sign an indemnity form and waiver before you ride at Quad Bike King that confirms you understand that quad bikes can be unstable, especially if you drive beyond your capabilities and that in the event of an injury we will not be liable.

Q: Is it safe to ride a quad bike?


Whilst our instructors take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of riders of our quad bikes, riders should be aware that quad bikes are highly susceptible to falling over and that they are unstable. Riders must accept that quad biking is a dangerous recreational activity.

Q: How old do I have to be to ride a quad bike?


Children can ride from age 12 years but they must be 130cm tall or more on the Sandpit experience and aged over 16 years and 130cm on the Safari tour.

Doubling is not permitted on the quad bikes.

Because we have different sizes of bikes we can cater for any group. Our bikes are not over powering therefore the whole family can share in the experience.

Q: I’ve never ridden a quad bike before, will I be able to ride yours?


Of course you will! We train all of our customers whether they’ve never ridden before or they’ve ridden a thousand times. Our Quad Bikes are extremely easy to use and control – being the perfect size and semi-automatic, any one 12 yrs or older can ride them comfortably. Before heading out on your Quad Bike King adventure we ensure you are familiar with the controls and will have a safe and enjoyable adventure.

Q: What if I can’t keep up with the tour guides?


This will never be an issue! Our highly experienced Tour Guides tailor the adventure to suit your confidence level. We always have the highest Tour Guide to Customer ratio so we can cater for the most diverse groups of people. This is the very reason why we have such a high customer satisfaction percentage – because every customer is treated as an individual.

Q: How many can go in a group?


At Quad Bike King we can cater for groups from 1-30! We believe in safety and will have the safest guide to customer ratio. We will always treat our customers as individuals and we can be sure no one wants to be pressured to keep up, or slow down to suit the “group”. No one will be left behind; no one will be forced to keep up at Quad Bike King.

Q: What if my kids want to go, and I don’t?


If for some reason your kids want to do a different activity to you, or you just want some time without the kids, we can solve this! Kids do not need an adult to accompany them, as long as they are 18 years and above, let Quad Bike King take care of them for you. They will be fully supervised and enjoy their activity, and you might enjoy your time alone too! (Doubling is not permitted on the quad bikes). Kids under 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Do we need a guide or can we just go alone?


For the Safari Tour absolutely! But for the Sandpit NO! The Tour covers roughly 20km of terrain. If you do not know the area or the way then you most certainly will be injured or lost, we cannot allow either to happen.  If you do not want to follow a guide then the Sandpit is for you. Your very own space on the dunes that only you and your group have access to. Roughly the size of two football fields on the dunes, you have control of your own quad. Race your mates, or get competitive with other customers, burnouts, drift and go nuts!!!

Q: Where does Safari Tour go?


Safari Tour departs our base camp on the sand. The guide will sort the group as not everyone wants to keep up to the fast pace, others prefer to take it slow and take in the scenery or just want to stay as a family. You choose! From base you travel through the dunes, along the beach, over high sand dunes, well past the site of the late Sygna Shipwreck (now nearly invisible) to get a true scope of the vastness of the land. You will see the Newcastle shipping highway and you may see a massive coal ship coming into port. Take in Nobby’s in the distance, honing your skills on the guided Tour. After riding for roughly 30 minutes you will stop at the beachfront for a short time where you ask the guides about the area, plus take some photos. From there you will travel back following the guide on a more intense ride back to base camp.

Q: Do I need to book?


It is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Whilst we do accept walk-ins and will endeavour to get you on your adventure, sometimes we are fully booked, so please try to book beforehand. When booking we do require a VISA/MASTERCARD payment to secure your booking.

Q: Can I use my own motorbike or quad?


Sorry guys, but no! Our bikes are specially registered and adjusted to ride on the sand. To ride on Stockton Bight all bikes must be registered, have permits and be built to withstand the harsh environments. Let us take the hassle (and the cost) out of the adventure for you.  However, if you do have a quad bike or motorbike you can register it with the RTA and get a permit if you love riding out here on the RVA as much as we do!

Q: Late arrival policy


Please, please, please arrive on time! QBK requires all riders arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their ride time. Now whilst this may sound excessive it allows for the few extra red lights or congestion. We value safety on and off the road. We do run on a timed schedule and it isn’t fair for our customers to wait past their ride time, they may have other activities planned. If you are running late we may have to accommodate you on a later ride. Please have all your affairs in order and call us if you are delayed on your journey. We cannot wait past our scheduled ride times.

Q: Safety, Rules and Regulations


  • A helmet must be worn on our quad adventures.
  • Guide instructions must be followed at all times. The tour is a tag along in a file tour, no weaving in or out, overtaking or fishtails. This will most certainly result in injury.
  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol is permitted. We value the safety of all our riders. If staff are concerned for your/ other customers safety because of intoxication, you will not be permitted to ride.
  • A waiver form must be read, understood and signed prior to our rides.
  • QBK reserves the right to cancel/ change a ride due to weather/ safety and/or insufficient bookings.
  • No refunds will be given with less than 48 hours notice of cancellation.
  • Doubling on the quad bike is NOT permitted.
  • You are responsible for our equipment so please treat our gear with respect.
  • We are an all weather activity.


Safari tour

A wishlist 1 hour and 45 mins of excitement.

Saddle up, open the throttle and off into the horizon you ride, cruising across the mountainous, adrenalin-inducing dunes of Stockton Beach and then onto the beach front to take in the awesome views of the coastline

From $129

The Sandpit

Hold onto your handlebars for 1 hour, 45 mins of fun.

Unlimited fun for thrill-seekers! Drift around the sand dune circuit, master donuts and race your mates. No instructors to follow. Make it your own unique, truly exhilarating experience.

From $109

Quad Bike Super Combo

Whole experience lasts a fun-packed 2 hours 30 mins.

Not for the faint hearted! The Super Combo combines the SandPit and Safari Tour. Get your adrenalin pumping with 1.5 hours of non-stop quad bike riding

From $159

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